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A bit about me

Certified Senior Yoga Teacher (1000hrs+) - Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA)

What does this mean? 

20 or more years of ongoing learning and practice

10 or more years of teaching experience as a YAA Certified Teacher

2000 or more hours of teaching experience

Able to mentor and teach other yoga teachers

My first life was as a registered nurse and midwife in London, England, and I worked in healthcare for more than 30 years in Canada and the UK. In 2003 I branched into coaching, and certified first as Life Purpose & Career Coach, and later as an Executive Coach, and Master NLP Practitioner, and have continued to help people in all walks of life navigate personal and professional challenges.

Yoga came into my life in 2000 when I was experiencing personal challenges, and after two classes I could feel the shift in my body and I knew I had to teach! Since then, yoga has been an integral part of my life and has helped me in so many ways physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am a much better version of myself as a result.

In 2003 I became a certified Relax & Renew Trainer ®, a beautiful restorative approach to managing stress and pain that was developed by Dr. Judith Lasater, and one year later I certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher with Yoga for Today, Sherwood Park, Alberta. 

Since then I have had the privilege to learn from hundreds of students, who always teach me so much, as well as internationally renowned teachers from Canada, the UK, USA, and India including:

  • David McAmmond a therapeutic yoga guru who I have spent over a decade learning from  
  • Sandra Sammatino who taught me the power of sound and yoga for many years 
  • Chloe Goodchild who brought my voice to life! 
  • Janice Clarfield who gave me the vessel to link my midwifery and childbearing experience in pre-natal yoga
  • Karen Hamdon & Lawrence Dombro who introduced me to the magic of India, ashrams & authentic yogic traditions
  • Sudhir Tiwari of the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, who revitalised my interest in Ayurveda & Pranayama      
  • Susi Hately, who is currently mentoring me to bring therapeutic yoga to the world with new and exciting possibilities, helping me with my personal challenges around chronic pain, and hypermobility, and supporting me to help others
  • Brenda Feuerstein founder of Traditional Yoga Studies with whom I am currently studying  Classical Yoga History & Philosophy 

I am passionate about yoga and love learning, and love helping people learn about themselves


I believe in community, and volunteer my time, treasure, and talent with the United Way Lethbridge & South Western Alberta and the Yoga Association of Alberta, as well as other places of local need 

I am a work in progress, a proud mum and 'nama', an animal lover, and someone who loves learning!

Blessings to Sophie who loves to do 'NamaYoga' with me 

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